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Smoothies are popular today. They are the ideal way to start living a healthier life in the short term. They can be made very quickly because all you need is a blender and you can buy the ingredients in the local supermarket.

My name is Olivia, and I started eating smoothies in 2013. My friends recommended this to me. At first, I had to get used to it, but I noticed that I had much less appetite for sugars, sweets, and other unhealthy foods after a while. I lost weight automatically because the smoothie I drank in the morning often already filled me up. In the beginning, I mainly used the raw smoothie of leafy vegetables and fruit. Still, over the months, I started practicing with even more smoothies, and I also discovered that it could be nice to mix other ingredients. 

The advantage of smoothies is that you can make them just as you like the best. In that respect, there is no end to the stock of smoothies.
I have now lost more than 20 kilos with smoothies, even if that was not my primary goal. I just wanted to live a healthier life. Now I drink two smoothies in a day and feel a lot more energized than a few years ago. People around me commented that I started to glow, and my skin started to get healthier. Especially when I also quit smoking, my health got a huge boost.

I want to share my experiences on this website. For example, I came across the most delicious recipes. I love fruit smoothies, and I came up with a number myself. You will find combinations of my recipes and the recipes from the internet or books on this website. I also learn how you can start making smoothies yourself and which blenders are best suited.

Are you starting a healthier life today?

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The results were life-changing. I feel more energetic and confidant in my daily life.
Chrissy Song
Fit You Blog
I have recommended this diet to friends and family and I will keep recommending them because the Smoothie diet lifestyle really works!
Healthy woman exercising while using technology
Chrissy Song
Bon Apetit Magazine
This works because it teaches you how to stay healthy, the secret is all about drinking portion control smoothies.
Young handsome man relaxing at the park
Chrissy Song
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