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Green Smoothies

A green Smoothie vs. normal Smoothie

Green smoothie vs, normal smoothie, both been all the rage for a while. Many people use green smoothies because they are healthy. This has to do with the number of fruits and vegetables processed in green smoothies. Fruits and vegetables contain many positive properties that are bundled in green smoothies.

Consider, for example, antioxidants, which naturally try to eradicate diseases such as cancer, and fruit fibers, healthy sugars, vitamins, and minerals. The resistance is also improved by consuming smoothies. But a regular smoothie is not as healthy as its green brother. How is that exactly?

 1 Difference in ingredients

As mentioned, green smoothies contain a lot of fruit and vegetables. These ingredients are naturally packed with all kinds of positive nutrients, such as minerals, fiber, and vitamins. They help you become healthier, make your skin healthier, and give you a better concentration. Also, it helps overweight people to lose weight and people who are already on weight to maintain their healthy weight.

This has to do with how the green smoothie feeds you: you feel full and have less appetite for unhealthy snacks. That is different from a regular smoothie. It is often full of cream (which contains many calories) and is mainly drunk for good food. Smoothies are hip drinks, and they are often made cheaply. Most smoothies contain fruit, but they often come from a can or the freezer because this is cheaper. Moreover, a regular smoothie does not have the goal of making someone live healthier, and a green smoothie does pursue that goal.

 2 Water versus ice cream and yogurt

Another important difference between green smoothies and regular smoothies is that regular smoothies often use ice cream and yogurt as a base. Those are dairy products. They do fill but are also full of fat. Contrast that with water, which is used as a base in green smoothies, and you will understand that the green smoothie certainly beats the regular smoothie in this area.

Water has no calories or fats, and you need it to function anyway. Also, water has the positive property of removing waste more quickly. It has also recently been found that people who drink a lot of water have healthier skin than people who consume too little water. With a regular smoothie, the basis of yogurt or ice ensures more fat in the smoothie, while this is certainly not the case with the green smoothie.

 3 Carbohydrate-rich fruits

Another important reason that the regular smoothie is a lot less healthy is that uses carbohydrate-rich fruit. Think bananas. Most smoothies are packed because banana is an easy and popular seasoning. But the banana is full of carbohydrates, just like avocado or orange. That is not bad, because with a green smoothie you also have those fruits.

However, there are no vegetables with the regular smoothie to alternate the fruit. Therefore, a regular smoothie is packed with carbohydrates (and packed with cream or yogurt), making it fatter. The amount of fruit in a green smoothie is a lot less, making a green smoothie a lot healthier.

 Go green, go healthy.

You don’t live healthier with regular smoothies, but with green smoothies. With yogurt or ice cream as a base and fruit pure as a seasoning, regular smoothies are very similar to milkshakes (which are also unknown for their healthy character). So choose smoothies that are full of fruits and vegetables and that are based on water. You will notice that you will feel better about yourself and can concentrate much better in no time. With a green smoothie, you get your required amount of fruit and vegetables every day, without having to do very complicated things! Also read: 7 Benefits Of Smoothies – Not To Miss

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