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Green Tea and Spinach Smoothie

This smoothie is packed with antioxidants and very energizing. No need to worry about the taste of spinach in this recipe; by the time you added all other ingredients and had made the complete fat burning smoothie, you won’t taste the spinach.

Serving per below ingredients: 2 

Total calories: 242 (approximately) 


2 cups Green Tea (cooled) ——————————> 0 calories

1 cup seedless Grapes (preferably frozen) ——–> 110 calories

1½ cup Spinach ———————————————> 10 calories

2oz Squeezed Lime/Lemon —————————–> 16 calories

2 cups Cantaloupe (peeled and seeded) ———–> 106 calories

Ice Cubes (optional) —————————————> 0 calories

Stevia, to taste (optional) ——————————–> 0 calories


Pour brewed green tea or green tea liquid into a blender. Add grapes, and spinach squeezed lime/lemon, and cantaloupe. Blend until smooth. Add ice cubes and stevia to taste (optional). Again blend until smooth. Serve immediately.

Spinach smoothies
Spinach smoothies

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