Woman preparing banana smoothie.
Fruit Smoothies

Why you should try a Smoothie

Do you ever suffer from the following complaints? The basis of a healthy life starts with good nutrition.

• Headache or Migraine?
• experience difficulty maintaining your weight?
• Sleep problems
• High blood pressure?
• Fatigue?
• Little energy?
• Skin problems?
• Flatulence or bloating?

Imagine your body like an engine. If you don’t put the right fuel in it, it will perform poorly and require more frequent maintenance. This also applies to our body: a balanced diet makes you feel fit and energetic for the day. Unfortunately, many people do not achieve the daily recommended amount of vegetables, fruit, and fiber with their current diet often they are packed with vitamins and minerals and are the solution to get your daily recommended amount of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Making a smoothie is quick and easy.

You can split smoothies into 3 essential ingredients: Fresh fruit (preferably organic) or frozen fruit such as bananas, pears, strawberries, raspberries, and so on. A cold shake is thus made with the use of frozen fruit. Finally, but also very important, we use vegetables, preferably green leafy vegetables. Here’s what to think about: Spinach, kale (my favorite), endive. Finally, I add some water to keep it pleasant and drinkable (about half to a whole cup).

Great diversity in smoothie recipes and taste

There are many recipes on the internet with a variety of fruits and vegetables.
So you can apply a lot of variation, such as endive for a slightly bitter, kale recipe for a somewhat richer structure and softer taste, and with spinach, it becomes a slightly smoother drink. You can think of a slightly sweeter combination with fruit by adding strawberries or ripe pear, for example. But also mint or cucumber for a nice fresh taste. I like to take 3 different fruits and one of the leafy vegetables. However, I recommend that when you are just starting to take a little less green vegetables and a little more fruit. So that the fruit flavor predominates, you get used to the taste and texture is easier. In short, enough possibilities for variation.

A good start for breakfast!

Breakfast is often skipped, and people only drink a cup of coffee or tea in the morning. At the same time, that is a missed opportunity to feel and feel energetic throughout the day. A good breakfast is half the battle. A smoothie contains a lot of {water | moisture}. While when sleeping, a person loses a lot of moisture, and if your body needs something to get off to a good start, it is moisture. A human body consists of up to more than 60% of the water, so very important! drinking a shake is a way to get your moisture balance up to standard.

Woman drinking a green smoothie. Healthy lifestyle. Fitness. Breakfast juice. Wellness.
Woman drinking a smoothie. Healthy lifestyle. Fitness. Breakfast juice. Wellness.

Vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Many people take multivitamins because they do not get enough. Besides, multivitamins can be excellent because vitamins are the building blocks of our body. But with one drink a day, you already get a boost in your vitamins and minerals, so rich and you probably no longer need Multivitamins. That also saves you costs.

Some other green facts.

Carrots (Daucus carota) contain carotene, and that makes them super healthy. The root purifies your blood and gives energy. If you eat a lot of carrots or drinking carrot juice can make your skin pale yellow colors. This is otherwise not harmful to your health.

Ginger has a warming effect, stimulates blood circulation, and helps against (pregnancy) nausea.
Ginger makes your blood flow faster. It appears to stimulate the libido as well is therefore called the viagra of the Called the Middle Ages!

Red pepper
The red pepper contains a lot of vitamin C. and is rich in beta-carotene, folic acid, and calcium. It has a cleansing effect, especially for skin, hair, and nails. The red pepper is by far the sweetest type of pepper, and that is why great for making juice. Delete always the stem and seeds.

Beetroot or beet greens are rich, among other things to folic acid, iron, and magnesium and are used to treat chronic diseases illuminate, especially those with our blood and immune system. Beetroot gives energy, stimulates the appetite, and is easily digestible.

Celery juice is fine means to deal with stress because it has a calming effect. It strips also, the body of excess carbon dioxide, which is especially important if, for example, you live in the city and breathe in polluted air. Furthermore contains a lot of water, a little potassium, folic acid, and vitamin C.

Smoothies help with weight loss.

smoothies speed up your metabolism, and that alone will help you lose weight. Because a smoothie is rich in fiber, it fills nicely, and you feel full for longer. The result is less appetite for a snack, for more facts about smoothies weight loss see our articles and ratings best smoothies diet Plan.

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