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Fruit Smoothies

Yogurt Fruit Smoothies

Smoothies usually being made from fruits and vegetables. However, some prefer to add other ingredients for flavor and added nutrition, such as nuts, chocolate, or vanilla, and dietary supplements in powder form. Still, others prefer creamier smoothies, and they add ice cream, milk, and other dairies to their drink. Yogurt is an ingredient that most people prefer to mix with their smoothies to make yogurt fruit smoothies. Why is this?

Yogurt is cream or milk that has been fermented with the use of bacteria. The fermentation process produces lactic acid from the lactose in the milk, which now has a pudding-like consistency. The bacteria present in yogurt are no cause for alarm since they do not harm the body. Instead, the presence of good bacteria in the stomach inhibits bad bacteria from multiplying. Yogurt is also full of vitamin B2, protein, and calcium. It has been reported that people who are taking antibiotics will benefit from yogurt. These drugs kill the natural bacteria in the intestines, and yogurt will help to replenish them. Those who are also lactose intolerant will find yogurt a good substitute for milk. Because the lactose has been broken down into lactic acid, nutrients can be obtained without the cramping and bloated feeling of drinking milk or eating a milk product.

Drinking yogurt fruit smoothies is a delicious way of combining the health benefits of yogurt and fruits. When taken as a snack because they are not fattening, they will help curb hunger and provide the needed energy until the next meal. The rules for a smart snacking state that snacks should not be sugar-rich should satisfy hunger and provide nutrients and not be calorie-laden. Yogurt fruit smoothies satisfy all the criteria for a smart snack.

Cherry and yogurt smoothie
Cherry and yogurt smoothie

Finding ingredients to put in yogurt fruits smoothies is not difficult since there are so many to choose from. There is a wide array of fruits that go well with yogurt. The more popular ones include bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and mango. For more protein, nuts and tofu can be added. Some might balk at the mention of tofu because they are not too keen on this healthy food. One of the benefits of fruits is the good use of sweetness and flavors of the fruits mixed with the smoothie masks the taste of healthy but less palatable ingredients. Some even go a step further and mix vegetables in their drink.

Preparing yogurt fruit smoothies is not a complicated task. A single cup of yogurt can be mixed with half cups of fruit, fruit juice, and ice. These are blended together, and in less than two minutes, the smoothie is ready to drink. The measurement of the ingredients can vary according to taste. For a fruitier flavor, the amounts of fruit and fruit juice can be increased. For a creamier drink, extra servings of yogurt can be added.

It is perfectly normal for people to get cravings in between meals. Fortunately, yogurt fruit smoothies provide a way to satisfy these cravings healthily.

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